Hope High School Auditorium Theatre Project

Help us transform arts education at Hope High School.

Together we will restore Hope High’s auditorium and create a beautiful, state of the art performing space for students and community.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Hope High School Auditorium Theatre Project, a 501c3, is to raise funds and public awareness to transform the existing Hope High School auditorium into a modern, state of the art theatre for the use of students, faculty, and community groups to express and embrace the performing arts and other appropriate programs in this venue.

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The Hope High School Auditorium Theatre Project received its initial support and funding from Hope High alumni from the classes of ‘65, ‘66, and ‘67. The project has gained momentum with support from the Hope High School administration and Providence Public School District superintendent Christopher Maher.

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President: Tom Aquino, Class of ‘65
Secretary: Sharen Gleckman, Class of ‘66
Treasurer: Diane West, Hope High School Guidance Counselor


Our Objectives

Repair damage from years of neglect

Damages and disrepair have left the this once beautiful and functional performance space unsafe and unusable. Our initiative, which will combine private and public funding, will repair the structural damages and restore the auditorium to its full potential.


Build a state of the art venue

Through this project we will restore the auditorium theatre’s classical style architecture and install improvements to the backstage space, seating arrangement, and sound and lighting equipment to reflect the latest advancements in theatre design.


share the arts with the community

Our ultimate vision is to create a space where the arts can thrive. The auditorium will once again be home to Hope High School performing arts education, as well as a sought after venue for youth and community arts groups, educational presentations, and community functions.



Please send an email to Taquino1286@Yahoo.com